Carmela Torre

Carmela Torre first appears in the Painesville, Ohio, area in 1928.  She returned to Sicily in the 1930’s, but settled to Painesville in 1949.  In America, Carmela Torre was known by her married name, Carmella Trifiletti.

Carmela Torre, daughter of Nunzio Torre and Giuseppa Puglisi, was born on December 23, 1912, at Switzerland.  Carmela’s father was a migrant worker building a tunnel in Switzerland when Carmela was born.  The family returned to the family home in Novara di Sicilia, in 1916. She married Antonio Trifiletti in Sicily.  Carmela died on November 15, 2005, at LakeMed Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Painesville, Lake County, Ohio, at age 92.  Her body was interred at Riverside Cemetery at Painesville, Lake County, Ohio.

Carmela Torre, age 15, and her mother, Giuseppa Puglisi, immigrated to the United States on November 30, 1928, travelling to Painesville, Lake County, Ohio. They were joining Carmela’s father, Nunzio Torre, and brother, Ugo Torre, in Painesville.  Carmela, her husband, Antonio Trifiletti, and their children, immigrated to Painesville, in 1949.

All of Carmela’s siblings eventually lived in Painesville.  Sister Antonia Giusppa Torre migrated to Painesville in 1921; brother Ugo Torre, in 1928; and sister Rosa Torre, in 1955.

Carmella was employed by the Industrial Rayon Corporation from 1951 to 1960.

     The children of Carmella Torre and Antonio Trifiletti are as follows:

1.      Silvio Trifiletti

2.    Robert Trifiletti

3.    Maria Trifiletti

trifiletti (carmella torre) 2005 obituary