Cosimo Gentile

Cosimo Gentile never lived in Painesville, Ohio.  He settled permanently in Troy, New York.

Cosimo Gentile, son of Giovanni Gentile and Maria Carmina D’Orazio, was born in 1874, at Frosolone, Italy.  He married Carmina Colarusso at Italy.  Cosimo died in 1953.

Cosimo Gentile first immigrated to the United States on February 23, 1900, travelling to Troy, New York.  He was joining his brother-in-law, Filippo Colarusso.  He is shown re-entering the United States on April 21, 1905. He was returning to Troy, New York, joining his brother-in-law, Michele Colarusso.  The ship manifest indicates that Cosimo lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from 1898 to 1904.

Four of Cosimo Gentile’s siblings lived, at some time, in Painesville.  His sister, Maria Orazia Gentile immigrated to, and settled in Painesville in 1906.  His brother, Berardino Gentile, lived in Painesville in 1905 and in the 1910’s.  His brother, Nicola Gentile, lived in Painesville in 1905.  His brother, Valentino Gentile, lived in Paineville in 1920.  Three of Cosimo’s sisters settled in Troy, New York:  Filomena (1876-1914), Francesca (1883-1960), and Lucia (1888-1933).