Maddalena Gardella

Maddalena Gardella and her husband, Antonio Gardella, first appear at Painesville, Lake County, Ohio, in 1913.

Maddalena Gardella was born about 1893, at Neirone, Italy.  Maddalena married Antonio Gardella, son of Giovanni Gardella and Caterina Basso, about 1912 at Neirone, Italy.

Maddalena Gardella immigrated to the United States on May 07, 1913, at age 20, travelling to Painesville, Lake County, Ohio.  She was escorted by her husband, Antonio Gardella.

Antonio and his family operated a confectionary store in Painesville.  The Gardella’s moved from Painesville sometime after 1923, but before 1930. They probably moved to Detriot, Michigan.

The Gardella Family was one three Painesville Italian families from the Provence of Genoa, Italy. These families were related by marriage. Painesville Italian Vittoio DeBarbieri was born in Genoa, Italy, and also operated a confectionery store in Painesville. Giuseppe Schiappacasse and Andrea Schiappacasse were both born in Neirone, Italy, and lived in Painesville.

The known children of Antonio Gardella and Maddalena Gardella are as follows:

1.    John Gardella was born in 1914 at Ohio.

2.    Raymond Gardella was born in 1916 at Ohio.

3.    Ester Gardella was born in 1919 at Ohio.