Marcellina Santi

Marcellina Santi first appears in the Painesville, Ohio, area in 1925.  In America, Marcellina Santi was known by her married name, Mary Valocchi.

Marcellina Santi was born on January 6, 1888, at San Giorgio di Piano, Italy.  She married Nazareno Valocchi, son of Pietro Valocchi and Sarafina Romani, in June, 1925 at Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  When Marcellina married Nazareno, he was a widower with four children.  Marcellina died on December 5, 1945, at her home, 352 Sanford Street, Painesville, Lake County, Ohio, at age 57.  Her body was interred at St. Mary Cemetery at Painesville Township, Lake County, Ohio.

Marcellina Santi, age 25, immigrated to the United States on August 2, 1913, travelling to Yonkers, New York.  She was travelling with her daughter, Elisa.  Marcellina was married when she immigrated to the United States.  I assume she was joining her husband in Yonkers.  Her son, Pietro, immigrated in 1915.

The known children of Marcellina Santi include:

1.    Elisa Patrignanelli was born about 1903, at San Giorgio di Piano, Italy.

2.   Pietro Patrignanelli was born on June 20, 1906.  In America, he changed his surname to Patria. Peter died in April, 1984, at age 77.  He lived at Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1945.

There were no children of Marcellina Santi and Nazareno Valocchi.

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Valocchi (Nazareno & Marcellina Santi) Tombstone