Cristoraro DiCristofaro

Cristofaro DiCristofaro first appears in the Painesville, Ohio area in 1897.  Cristofaro periodically returned to his home, and family, in Italy.  He permanently returned to Italy in 1914.  In America, Cristofaro was employed as a laborer for the Storrs and Harrison’s Nursery.

Cristofaro DiCristofaro was born on April 13, 1867, at Frosolone, Italy. Cristofaro was the fouth of seven children born to Nicola DiCristofaro and Maria Palangio.  He married Maria Donata Scacciavillani, daughter of Felice Scacciavillano and Maria Giovanna Vitolone, on June 27, 1895 at Frosolone, Italy.  Cristofaro died on February 18, 1920 at Frosolone, Italy, at age 52.  His body was interred at Frosolone, Italy.

Cristofaro DiCristofaro, age 30, first immigrated to the United States on May 27, 1897, travelling to Painesville, Lake County, Ohio.  Cristofaro was joining is brothers-in-law in Painesville.  He was travelling with two of his sisters, a niece and nephew.  Cristofaro made three more “trips” from Italy to the United States (1902, 1903, and 1909).  In 1909, he brought his son, Nicola DiCristofaro, to Painesville; Nicola never returned to Italy.   Cristofaro had brother, Domenico, and two sisters, Palma and Teresa, living in Painesville.  He also had five Scacciavillani brothers-in-law living in Painesville.  During his time in Painesville, Cristofaro lived with his single Scacciavillani in-laws.

The children of Cristofaro DiCristofaro and Maria Donata Scacciavillani (all born at Frosolone, Italy) were as follows:

1.   Nicola Cristofaro was born on May 14, 1896.  He married Giuseppa DiIanni, daughter of Gennaro DiIanni and Filomena Incoronata Venditto, on November 18, 1916 at Saint Mary Catholic Church at Painesville, Lake County, Ohio.  Nicola died on November 28, 1980 at his daughter’s home, 1776 25th Street, at Cuyahoga Falls, Summit County, Ohio, at age 84 from cardiac arrest.  His body was interred at Holy Cross Cemetery at Akron, Summit County, Ohio.

2.   Maria DiCristofaro was born on February 6, 1902.  She married Domenico Masselli.  Maria died on November 12, 1989 at age 87.

3.   Immacolata DiCristofaro was born in November, 1914.  She married Giovanni DiCristofaro.  Immacolata celebrated her 100th birthday in 2014 at Frosolone.  Her family posted U-Tube videos of the event:  Click here to view the Church ceremony.  Click here for a video of Immacolata’s birthday party.

4.   Vittoria DiCristofaro was born in 1917.  She married Giovanni Palumbo.  Vittoria and her husband migrated to Argentina.  They had two children.

dicristofaro (cristofaro) and scacciavillani (maria donata) tombstone