Enrico Gardella

Enrico Gardella first appears at Painesville, Lake County, Ohio, in the early 1910’s.

Enrico Gardella, son of Giovanni Gardella and Caterina Basso, was born about 1886, at Neirone, Italy.  He immigrated to the United States on May 2, 1908, travelling to Newburgh, New York.  He was joining his father, Giovanni Gardella. Enrico was traveling with his mother and brother, Antonio Gardella.

When Enrico Gardella’s brother Antonio Gardella re-entered the United States in May, 1913, Antonio was joining his brother Enrico in Painesville, Ohio.

Enrico Gardella moved from Painesville sometime before 1917.  He probably moved to Detroit, Michigan, where his cousin Davide Gardella was living.

The Gardella Family was one three Painesville Italian families from the Provence of Genoa, Italy.  These families were related by marriage.  Painesville Italian Vittoio DeBarbieri was born in Genoa, Italy, and also operated a confectionery store in Painesville.  Giuseppe Schiappacasse and Andrea Schiappacasse were both born in Neirone, Italy, and lived in Painesville.