Salvatore Caporrino

Salvatore Caporrino established residence in Painesville, Ohio, in 1913.

Salvatore Caporrino, son of Andrea Caporrino and Providence Megna, was born on July 15, 1886, at Palermo, Sicily.  Salvatore died on October 21, 1924, at Painesville, Lake County, Ohio, at age 38, as a result of a construction accident.  His body was interred at Saint Mary Cemetery at Painesville Township, Lake County, Ohio.

Salvatore Caporrino immigrated to the United States at New York City, on May 15, 1905.  He was traveling to New York City, to join his brother, Antonio Caporrino,  At the time of death, Salvatore resided at Prospect & Courtland Streets, Painesville, Lake County, Ohio. 

Salvatore was a cousin of Painesville resident, Antonina FontanaHow Salvatore was related to other Painesville Italians, Salvatore Caporrino, Antonio Fontana (his mother was a Caporrino), or Salvatore DiMaggio (his wife was a Caporrino) is not known.

caporrino (salvatore) 1924 obituary

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Caporrino (Salvatore) 1924 Tombstone